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Conover Stadium Fencing
Dear Northeastern Families,

For years, we understand that many individuals have sat outside the north fence around Conover Stadium to watch our Northeastern Jets athletic contests. Unfortunately, some individuals use this as an opportunity to drink and party during these school-sponsored athletic events.  

Per NELSD Policy 9160, Public Attendance at School Events, “No alcoholic beverages or other controlled substances may be possessed, consumed, or distributed at any function occurring on Board property.” Additionally, Ohio State Law prohibits selling, possessing, or using alcohol or controlled substances on school grounds or at school-related events.

Therefore, after being alerted about drinking and excessive partying on school grounds, we feel it necessary to take steps to discourage this behavior from taking place at the District’s Northeastern Athletic Complex. Effective immediately, spectators attending athletic events at Conover Stadium will see windscreens up from the main stadium entrance to the visitor's gate.

We encourage our Jets Fans to come into the stadium to watch the game and support our student-athletes.

Thank you for your understanding!


John Kronour, Ph.D.
Northeastern Local School District