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Return to School Letter from Superintendent - August 10, 2021
August 10, 2021                        

NELSD Staff and Parents, 
The opening of school is just a few days away and we are preparing for our students to return safely to our buildings. This is a challenging time and we are doing our best to meet the needs of our students head-on so they may be successful. 
I apologize that we have been experiencing technical difficulties with our phone system. We have been working to get this resolved and our services were restored late in the day today. We will continue monitoring our phone systems to see that they remain active. 
As I stated last Friday, my plan in this letter is to share with you protocols for our return to school this year. The guidance continues to be updated. What I am sharing with you reflects a major change in quarantine guidelines over the past few days. Anyone who is masked consistently and adhering to three-foot social distancing will not be required to quarantine if considered a close contact. 
The District will still need to contact trace any situation of a positive or probable positive COVID-19 case. We will be providing the list of close contacts to the Clark County Combined Health District (CCCHD). The CCCHD will provide letters to those individuals who would need to be isolated. 
The following links are to documents that provide facts and an outline for procedures we will be following: Guidelines for K-12 Student Quarantine and After Exposure in K-12 Classroom Settings, The chart for quarantines is a great tool to use to understand when we will need to quarantine students/staff. It is recommended that students and staff wear masks to protect themselves. This will be a family choice for students. If you would like to provide the office with a copy of your child’s vaccination card, we would be happy to keep that on file in case the need would arise to confirm your child is vaccinated and would not need to quarantine. 
At present, masking is required by a federal mandate for bus riders. This mandate is set to expire during the month of September and we will have to see if it is renewed. All bus riders will be asked to wear masks to comply with the mandate. 
We will not be providing the same online option that we did last school year. The State of Ohio has changed how we would need to offer that as an option and it is just not a viable option for the Northeastern Local School District (NELSD) at this time. 
The District is not planning on using a hybrid option this school year. We will either be fully in school or totally virtual. It is our intent to be fully in school as much as possible. Instances that could cause us to go fully virtual would be an outbreak of cases and quarantines in a building or buildings and our lack of staff to support school operations. If you are able to sub in any area, I would encourage you to sign-up to do so. Please feel free to contact the Board of Education Office at 937 325.7615 for directions on applying. 
Please continue to stay tuned as it is likely more guidance will follow and or could potentially change. We will do our best to keep all of you informed. 
John P. Kronour, Ph.D.
Superintendent Northeastern Local Schools