SVMS Students Tackle Hunger in Our Community

SVMS students in Mr. Jones’s and Mrs. Chapman’s classes had a “Feed the Funnel” party September 19 at school, packing more than 3,000 meals to be distributed locally through the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Mr. Jones and Mrs. Chapman are collaborating this year in a student-driven and project-based initiative called The Down With Walls Initiative, breaking down walls between their social studies and language arts classes at school and between the school and community. Right now, the classes are studying slavery and the Underground Railroad to answer the driving question: How does the examination of the past inform our present lives and what our responsibility is towards one another?

SVMS Student Gracie Perkins chose to do a project that addresses food insecurity among slaves by creating a cookbook based on slave food and modern day food using items brought here by slaves. To address the part of the question about our responsibility to one another, she has decided to do something about food insecurity in our community in the spirit of the Underground Railroad by hosting a "Feed the Funnel Party" through The Pack Shack.

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