Notice About Lead Testing at NEHS

As part of our ongoing commitment to safe and healthy learning environments for students and staff, we are providing bottles water for students and staff and making parents aware that recent testing of water samples of a water fountain at Northeastern High School has tested positive for elevated lead levels.
A drinking fountain at the front of the school that tested positive for elevated results was removed from service immediately. NEHS will be implementing a corrosion program as well as a revised water system flushing program with the goal of reducing the amount of lead in their water.
Periodic water samples will be taken to monitor the water quality. Bottled water is being provided for students and staff. Students will be permitted to carry water bottles with them during the school day.
Forty-two samples were taken from the water system at NEHS for testing. One sample result exceeded the lead action level of 15 ug/L. The elevated result of 146 ug/L was from a drinking fountain at the front of the school. The remaining 41 results were within the recommended levels.
We are taking the recommended steps to remedy these levels and conducting further testing to make sure other water areas are not affected. We are working closely with the EPA, the Clark County Combined Health Department, and our water testing company to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all students.
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