Attention Seniors!
You are required to have a meningitis shot 
for this school year.You need to have a 
meningitis shot given AFTER you turn 16.  
If you still need this vaccine, please schedule 
with the Health Department or your doctor 
as soon as possible.  Also, please make sure 
the school gets a copy of the report.  If you
have any questions, please call Mrs. Miles here 
at school or e-mail krismiles@nelsd.org.


Northeastern High School GOALS for 2020-2021

1.  To raise the school average ACT score of 18.2 (2020) to the 2019 state average score of 20.0 during the 2021 statewide testing.

2. To earn the Ohio Dept of Education PBIS Bronze award for the 2020-2021 academic year.

3. To implement the Collins Writing Program at NEHS as measured by each teacher producing 10 examples of student work using the Collins Writing program by 4/1/21.

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