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Tonight's Financial Aid Night has been rescheduled for Jan. 26 at 7 pm. See you there!
The First Annual NELSD Film Festival will take place on Digital Learning Day- Feb. 5th at Wittenberg University. The themes for this year’s event are- “We Got Spirit” and “Make a Difference, Be the Difference." Your film may only be 3 minutes in length- but there is a lot you can do with that much time! Show off what you do here at KRHS. All participants will be recognized and some will earn prizes!
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Important Building News
2013-14 School Dress Code

Dress and Appearance

KRHS believes that proper dress and grooming contribute to, and are a part of, the educational process. The building administrator may exclude any student when the apparel is inappropriate.  What is or is not appropriate is a decision of school administrators that hopefully reflects community feelings, values and attitudes.

Board Policy on Physical Education Flex Credit
The Board has studied the issue of athletes and others using their participation in extra curricular activities to receive credit for Physical Education.
2013 Varsity Softball Team Makes Final Four
State Champions
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